Alternative Water Solutions utilizes a variety of water treatment products—designed to provide excellent quality water to the customer while both protecting and enhancing the environment with an absolute minimum in environmental impact

Following are pictures and descriptions of some of the existing installations

Vernon Jubilee Hospital dishwasher – hospital, in place of softener in Care Center

Okanagan Spring Brewery                 bottle washer—will be on trial on condenser tower

D Dutchman Dairy                               increased milk production—cattle drink more

DeWitt Dairy                          increased milk production—reduce scale in home

Tim Hortons Donuts brewers stopped scaling and coffee pots stay sparkling;

Starbucks Coffee Coffee tastes better, saves water wastage/replace RO;  Alternative Water Solutions services Starbucks Coffee in south central BC.

Timberhaven Homes showcase (multimillion dollar home),  Keith Construction award winning builder of green style homes

100 mi Car Wash in place of softener—customers response convinced him;

First Choice Contracting in place of softener .. Environmental reasons for use

Bonanza Resort low water wastage and low environmental impact

SunWave Recreation Center save $1000’s on condenser maintenance—no chemical

Atlantis Water Slide slides are more slippery—customer response on trial convinced

Merritt Arena ice harder and clearer—hockey players prefer ice

Ashton Creek Elementary School—reduced iron and cleaned up bad taste,  Carlin School – removed iron and softened water

George Elliott High School PAC. – Freshpoint Drinking water Station;

We are saving thousands of plastic bottles every year from the landfill and our students love the fresh tasting water, completely free of chemicals.

A. Hartmann                   DW/redox/air’n’sand

sample of some home installation

Dr Ken S.                          DW

V Bertram                       Vulcan

J Maitre                            Vulcan/redox

Dwayne B                         Vulcan/redox

L Kneller                          Vulcan

Michelle                            Vulcan

Sykes DW/redox/air’n’sand

Urpu K DW/redox

B Pinnell DW/redox/airNsand

O Toews DW/redox

Keating DW/freshpoint/UV;  Tyler T DW;  G Zeolkowski DW;  Charles R Vulcan;  Doug T Vulcan;  Dieter G DW;  K Uhle DW

L Tenant DW/redox;  Andreas K DW/air’n’sand;  Debra S DW;  D Myers DW/redox;  R Harper DW/redox

P Bernard DW/redox;  J Soleway DW/redox;  B Sprechter DW/redox;  Janis S DW;  G Rebulca Vulcan/redox

C Schlunegger Vulcan/redoxC Hopkins DW/redox;  B Newman DW/redox;  C Zutz Vulcan/redox;  D Whitcomb Vulcan/redox

J Larocque DW;  D Yantze DW;  L Bunker DW;  W Bowman DW/redox;  G Foltinek DW/redox;  S Butler DW

R Dykstra DW/iron filter;  M Faetsch DW/redox;  E Krenz DW;  Beryl W DW/redox;  K Zyla DW/redox


From Sunwave Centre, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Sunwave Centre is a new twin-sheet ice arena and event facility in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, an area that experiences very hard water. Less than three months into operation, our boiler, dedicated to ice mainenance, had scaled to the point it would not operate. Consequently, we investigated a number of alternatives for our water problems. We found systems, which would solve our problems but at a huge capital cost as well as significant operating cost. It was at this time that we were introduced to the Activated Water System and investigated its use. After talking to a number of satisfied customers we decided to take a chance on this technology. After using this system for a full season we have found the following benefits; Our boilers have operated smoothly with no signs of scaling problems. Our condenser has begun to descale. Our ice pit has lost its odor and is clear enough to see the bottom. (It had brown and full of algae with a foul smell.) We no longer have to wax our Zamboni bin to allow the snow to slide out. Our floods are smoother, resulting in better ice. The water has less tension and will flow easier resulting in smoother ice, that freezes faster. Our Zamboni blades stays sharper longer. Our stainless steel sinks no longer have white calcium deposits to remove…ABSOLUTELY NO OPERATING COST.

From R.M., Penticton, B.C.

‘The drinking water is excellent and energizing. I have higher energy levels now. As far as the bathroom goes, the shower and the toilet are noticeably free of any residue or scum. The toilet bowl has no ring at the water level. I am tremendously happy with the water activation unit. It has saved me enormous amounts of time, and therefore money. Plus, I feel good about putting revitalized water back into the main system.’

From B.C., Salmon Arm, British Columbia

‘Since having your Water Activation Unit installed in my home (on July 6/00), I have never looked back and I consider it to be one of my best investments ever!’

From F.P., Vancouver, B.C.

‘My swimming pool, which is 16 x 24 with 45,000 liters capacity, now requires considerably less chlorine to maintain and I just occasionally add some sea salt to hepl disinfect the water’.

From – V. B., Lumby, B.C.

‘We have a whole house system with softener, Redox and EMF conditioner. We absolutely love our water. Since we have this system put into our house we have several nieghbors that come over to fill up for there drinking water at our house.

From T. Edg… Williams Lake, BC

Our Iron filter and SSoft Redox, Vulcan system is great at removing smell, staining and gives us great tasting water. Love it.

From a 15 home mobile home park,

Alternative Water Solutions helped us get a system accepted by Ministry of Health, designed, supplied and installed the system. It has been working well for us and MOH is now happy – as well as the water is now safe to drink for the tenants of the mobile home park.

From G&A G… Enderby, BC

Our water was extremely high in iron and smelled like rotten eggs. Although the system required to clean up this water cost more then expected we now have water that does not stain and is drinkable. Thank you Alternative Water.

From A. S., Revelstoke, BC

Not only does the Air ‘N’ Sand filter & Dreamwater system Alternative Water Solutions installed remove iron and scaling for our home – it also tastes much better and surprisingly makes a remarkable reduction in the pain I get from my medical condition after a hot tub. Much more then it did before this system was installed. All of this without the use of salt or chemicals.  Thank you to the AWS team.