Vulcan Physical Water Treatment

Vulcan Physical Water Treatment

The Vulcan Family of Physical Water Treatment systems are very effective at reducing scale issues. Through the use of pulsating electronic magnetic energy fields targeting the ‘hardness’ in water these systems will change the molecular arrangement of the mineral particles into more pencil like shapes while at the same time increasing natural levels of carbonic acid which goes to work to disolve built up scale anywhere the water is in contact. The end result is greatly reduced scaling and spotting.

All of this is accomplished without changing the chemical composition of the water and without water wastage resulting in responsible water use. In many cases this treatment can replace the need for salt use water softeners. It is most effective when used in combination with the SSoft Redox systems which almost double the impact of this physical water treatment.

An additional benifit of these systems is the protection provided to metal surfaces. The smaller size pencilike mineral particles create a very fine hydrocarbon coating on any metal surfaces – stopping oxidization even on existing rust. This process will work even on pitted galvanizing to stop further oxidization.

Surfaces stay cleaner, bearings run smoother, sprinkler nozzles stay cleaner, shower heads and filters stop clogging, etc.

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