SSoft Redox “C”

SSoft Redox "C"

The SSoft Redox is a Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel with two distinctly different media’s inside that act catalytically to both naturally “soften” water and reduce scaling action caused by hardness. SSoft Redox removes 99.9% of heavy metals, neutralizes chlorine and other volitile organic chemicals, and is an effective bacteriastat.

It comes with optional media. The Chlor Redox media effectively neutralizes chlorine while enhancing the waters feel and cleaning properties. The Iron Redox media will polish low levels of iron and Hydrogen Sulphide as well. The Scale Soft media causes hardness mineral to react with each other to create nano crystals that cause the water to lose many of its “hard water” characteristics.

This treatment system does not waste water and treats water with completely natural processes without the use of chemicals.

SSoft Redox is a great treatment system by itself  but is most effective when combined with either a Vulcan electronic conditioner or a Dreamwater electronic conditioner

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