Dream Water

Dream Water

Dreamwater is a new water treatment system aimed at the vitalization of water that enriches water by revitalizing minerals vital for your health. The Dreamwater Technology utilizes “Magnetic Levitation” to spin molecular structures at over 4000 times per second, in short, emulsifying the size of minerals and water groupings. Magnetic Levitation defined

The system operates very effectively with soft to hard water. Dreamwater also will enhance the effectiveness of water softeners on extremely hard water.

Features and Benefits:

  • powerful descaling action, stops scaling and reduces spotting
  • stops corrosion, protects metal surfaces, prolongs life of equipment
  • makes water ‘thiner’, improves cleaning properties of water
  • revitalizes, greatly improves the health aspects of your water
  • enhances mineral properties of water
  • uses no chemicals
  • naturally enhances PH balance in water
  • greatly enhances wastewater treatment, septic tanks, treatment ponds
  • enhances plant growth, increases mineral uptake
  • virtually no maintenance
  • easy to install

Drink yourself fit daily and stay healthy.”


  • Plants grow much faster and healthier with vitalized water.
  • Vitalized Tape Water
  • High Quality Spring Water
  • Healing Water

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